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Our Facilities

Power: Our datacenter operations help ensure 24/7/365 uptime through the use of two redundant diesel generators, power protection equipment, dual UPS systems, and other key power distribution services. Connected to two major Toronto Hydro power high-voltage feeds, Epic Works ensures continual power to managed and customer equipment. All managed equipment includes redundant dual power supplies, each connected to isolated circuits in case of failure.

Security: Operated two stories below ground level, the Epic Works datacenter provides remarkable data security, with multiple authentication points including two biometric readers, three pass codes, and one electronic key in order to access customer or managed equipment. Additionally, a security guard is continually present and monitoring the premises through closed circuit camera systems and regular monitoring rounds.

Segmentation: Separating our business operations office from our datacenter operations ensures that the physical location of customer equipment can not be easily discovered by third parties. Facility tours are available to customers upon request with background check.

Environment: All Epic Works equipment is maintained at optimal cooling temperature and humidity levels through our datacenter-intended redundant HVAC towers and cooling equipment. This helps minimize failure rates of temperature-sensitive content-serving equipment.

Fire Control: Epic Works equipment is protected by a zoned early smoke detection system, followed by advanced FM200 and dry-pipe sprinkler systems to minimize damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

More Information: One-on-one tours are available upon request. Please contact us should you require further information or wish to request a tour of our facility.

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