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Private Label Hosting

Epic Works private label hosting service accepts business partners with the focus of reselling hosting services. Actual discount amounts and configurations vary based on product type and partner level.

Private Label Specifics:

  • Sales: The hosting partner is required to create and provide necessary information to the client and manage the sales process. At no time should the client be referred to Epic Works representatives or our Web site. The partner, as any other, is not permitted to copy any content from the Epic Works web site.
  • Identification: The hosting partner will identify, brand, and label their products with its own name, with the exception of third-party services (SSL, etc) The 'Epic Works' brand, logo, or individual product names may at no time appear on the partner's correspondance.
  • Support: The hosting partner will be exclusively responsible for technical support to their clients. Should assistance be required that is beyond the scope of knowledge of the reseller, a dedicated Epic Works support representative will be available to answer the resellers' questions. At no time should the customer be referred to Epic Works.
  • Billing: The hosting partner will be billed for all Epic Works services directly from Epic Works at our discounted rates. The hosting partner is then responsible to bill and collect from clients at any rate they choose.
  • Other conditions apply. Please contact your Epic Works representative should a reselling arrangement be right for you.

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