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Web Hosting Cluster: Place your business&s mission-critical web sites in our managed web hosting cluster.

Developer-Focused: Epic Works supports many popular server-side scripting languages and countless modules in these configurations for even the most complicated of web applications. Choose from languages such as PHP4, PHP5, Perl and others for robust development in our managed environment.

Data-Focused: Data for many online businesses is the most important asset. Epic Works houses your data with the utmost care in our highly secure database cluster. Choose from MySQL4 or PostgreSQL8 database engines to power your dynamic web sites. With both an on-site and off-site backup scheme, Epic Works protects your investment in your data even further, providing the peace of mind that your data is safe.

Security Focused: The entire Epic Works network is scanned daily for security concerns to protect customer data, equipment, and services against possible attach. Epic Works continually passes banks stringent audits and ensures minimal risk for your web presence. Epic Works& security solutions and practices help protect your business presence from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Customer Protection: Epic Works ensures optional virus-free electronic mail services through the use of multiple e-mail scanning gateways. No known virus is ever passed through our services for the positive benefit of the Internet community. Spam filtering of varying degrees is also available to tag or minimize the quantity of unwanted e-mail reaching your Inbox.

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