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News Site: RealGM

We stumbled upon the 'holy grail of web hosting'. Epic Works are more like our friends than our hosting company, with quick, efficient, and reliable staff always willing to help out and go that extra mile in order to make us happy. We have found a company that continues to grow with us. Can you say this about your current host?

Author: Trans-City Productions

"At first I was impressed by Epic Works' responsiveness. Configuration tweaks and questions were handled almost immediately after I submitted them. Now that I've been with Epic Works a while, what I really love is that I don't need to contact them. Everything works as it should."

Jay Greenspan
Trans-City Productions and Author

Web Developer: Spry New Media

"We recently had a bad experience with another hosting company. The service was suffering, the server would go offline for what seemed like days, and support stopped answering their email. I think this is a common story on the Internet: especially among web designers. So, not wanting to get burned again, we took great pains to find a company that could really serve our needs. We sent emails to many hosts and waited for responses. The staff at was one of the first to respond, almost right away actually. Then, after numerous discussions, we decided to go with them. We really had a lot of questions, but they were happy to answer each one in detail. We haven't been dissappointed. Each time we've had a challenge, the staff at has been able to provide a prompt and satisfying solution. Frankly, I think every business should treat their clients this way, but all too often when it comes to web hosting, other companies just don't seem to get it which is why we've left our previous host. I'm happy to say that does get it, and we'll be happy to keep hosting our database/PHP projects with them."

Matt Friedman
Spry New Media

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